My raggedy little garden.

(And don’t make fun!!)

I need help. I have tomatoes pretty much down. However, this is the second year I attempt zucchini, summer squash and cucumbers.

Last year, one day they were flowering beautifully, the next, they were nibbled down to a nub and never flowered again. The end.

This year, I built a little fence around my handful of plants that are already in a fenced in area, covered the top with deer netting and lo and behold, something found a way in and ate the flowers off my plants. Again.

SO, I did some on line research, asked around, bought some organic, safe for plants spray that smells like a mixture of skunk and garlic and also, as recommended by a friend, hung some Irish Spring bar soap (in nylon socks) around the outside of my tiny garden.

Will my plants flower again or should I replace them?

And can you suggest anything else I can do to keep the varmints out??!! (Besides a shot gun.)

Thank you. (Pathetic pictures below)