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Todd Rundgren, known for not wanting to work and just wanting to bang on the drum all day, has written his autobiography: The Individualist digressions, dreams & dissertations.

I had the honor and privilege to have another conversation with him about his book, his book tour which will be coming through Boston and assorted other projects he’s working on.

For me, the most effective aphrodisiac is a well endowed, high performance mind, which Todd has so, yes, I do have a little bit of a crush on him.

Aside from all he’s done in the music, computer and video worlds, he’s also waist deep in augmented reality.

So, give a listen to Todd’s upcoming plans, how his autobiography came together and when and where you’ll have the opportunity to talk with him!

Todd Rundgren Berklee Performance Center April 19 and 20. Get tickets HERE.

Hear audio here:






Love this one:

TODD RUNDGREN * It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference

From the LP "Something/Anything?" (1972), written by Todd Rundgren

Freakin’ swooooon:

Caravan - Utopia

REDUX, Live At The Gotanda Kani Hoken Hall - Tokyo, Japan 1992 Steal This Show, I Believe It's Out Of Print And Used Copies Sell For Over $150


Another favorite:

Todd Rundgren and Utopia Crybaby It didn't get any better than Utopia. These guys sounded like a completely different band on every album they made. What a lot of people don't know is they were one of the 1st bands making videos. This is one of their best with a great guest shot by Ellen Foley.