The secret of Ellen’s success..?

Where do we start?

One reason that Ellen stands out among other talk show hosts is that she successfully performs very funny comedy that fits for a DAYTIME audience. She remains funny, relevant, compelling, even edgy at times, but yet does not go over the line for the more mainstream, daytime audience. I wonder if the Jimmys or Stephens could pull off what Ellen does.

Second, she seems to LOVE her audience and involves them on a star-like level each day, starting with dancing with the studio audience at the beginning of each show. Ellen and her team, brilliantly make the dreams of audience members and home viewers come true through innovative stories ending with a heartfelt payoff that makes better television than seeing The Rock AGAIN, promoting another yearly movie. (No slam to the Rock. ) Ellen has figured out long ago how to connect with viewers.

Soon she will return to stand-up comedy with one of her classic televised specials. There are some rumors that she may leave her daytime talk show.

I don’t like when celebrities use their platform to promote politics and at times, it’s disappointing to see Ellen go down that path. But it’s a free country.

That aside, I think Ellen will go down in history as one of the most talented, versatile and giving performers.