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I don’t know what time you leave in the morning for work but I’ve found if I leave a little later than I used to when I first moved to Hanson, I save at least 15 minutes on the road….of course I get to work later than I like to…but that’s a whole 15 extra minutes not packed in on the “express”way!!!

According to this article, there are more people on Boston roadways than ever before! And of course now the new students are moving in!

I wish they’d make some kind of highway-type bike path!

Boston Traffic: MassDOT traffic counts find huge increases in volume across Boston area

BOSTON - Gridlocked roads, bottlenecked backups, and crawling commutes are nothing new for drivers in the Boston area. However, if your commute seems to be getting longer, it's probably not your imagination - and you're certainly not alone. "I'd say over the past few years it's gotten worse," said commuter David Foote, who lives in Danvers.