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Julie Devereaux

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How many ways do I appreciate what I get to do for a living. Let me count them.

Huge Todd Rundgren fan. Been listening since Nazz circa a very long time ago. I mean, good grief, I have the Nazz “Open My Eyes” 45.

Since I can remember, Todd‘s always made catchy, interesting, emotional, intriguing music. Van Gogh for your ears.

And he’s put Utopia back together for however long they can pull this off. They’re doing an extended tour which stops here in Boston May 6th (Orpheum, click HERE for tickets).

I got to talk with him about the reunion, a new Utopia box set and something I’d always wondered about. And I got to tell him I love him. Hey, I say what I feel in the moment. I never take for granted I’ll get that opportunity again.

Here’s the audio:

My cat’s a big Todd fan too.


The Nazz - Open My Eyes

The colorful music video.. 1969

And this one toooooooooooo!!!!!