Yep. That’s me in the tub. I recently started taking more baths in the morning before work than showers. I love a warm, relaxing bubble bath and sometimes the noise of the shower first thing in the morning annoys me. It got me wondering, which is better?

Here’s what I found:

Finally, Answers To The Shower Vs. Bath Debate

The shower vs. bath debate is a feisty one. Some people are die hard daily bathers, while others actually think " baths are for gross people." Some people with several roommates couldn't fathom taking a bath in good conscience, while for others nothing beats submerging oneself in a tub of water.

I also wondered what the norms are in other cultures.

Take a look:

Average showers and shampoos by country.

Percentage who shower once per day.

(graphs taken from article HERE)

Little Feat? They prefer a bath: