7 Indoor Kids Play Areas In Massachusetts – Ranked!

Indoor kids play areas are popping up everywhere in Massachusetts, and for good reason. As a parent, these play centers can be a saving grace, especially when it's raining outside. Think about how many times you've thought to yourself, "I need to get out of the house with this child, but where should I go?" As a mother of a 20-month-old, I am constantly looking for ways to keep my son entertained, and drained, so he sleeps well at night. That's why I have searched extensively for these indoor kids play areas to visit myself. Some of these places I have personally visited. Others were recommended to me by the internet, or other parents. For your viewing enjoyment, I have ranked some indoor kids play areas for you. These are ranked based on Google reviews and Google star ratings. Why Indoor Kids Play Areas Are So Important I've already mentioned that these indoor kids areas are important when you're looking for something to do when it's raining. That part is obvious. But now that I've brought my son to these play areas, I've realized that they offer so much more than just a place to visit to get out of the rain. [caption id="attachment_1167737" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Especially with other people's toys! This photo was taken at Children's World in Canton. They have a huge indoor warehouse with bouncy houses, basketball hoops, slides, train tables, and so much more. As you can see, he approves![/caption] Parents Get Just As Much Out Of It These indoor areas are great for young parents and grandparents to network and get to know each other. Last weekend I brought my son to The South Shore Sports Center in Hingham. Inside the soccer facility they have an entire basketball gym sectioned off for a "Kids World." There's bouncy houses, Little Tikes cars, play houses, reading books, seating areas, and more activities for young children. But I was more impressed by the amount of young couples socializing with their Starbucks coffees on a Saturday morning. This was the place to be on the South Shore. Couples were talking and laughing. They were catching up with each other on their jobs and family life. It was cool to see, and I even met some new people myself! Kids Learn So Much More When Interacting With Others Kids need to remember what it's like to actually interact with other humans. At these indoor play centers, they are forced to make friends. I mean, I guess they don't have to, but there are so many of them running around that they're bound to play with the same basketball or slide down the same small slide. At these play centers kids are also forced to share the communal toys with each other. I know, the wild concept of sharing!! It's really productive to bring your kid to one of these centers. Get them dirty, let them run around and encourage them to meet new people and try new toys (that you won't have to buy for your own home!) Here's Some Of Massachusetts' Indoor Kids Play Areas Ranked

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