New Cabbage Patch Kids Documentary Reveals the Horror of a Toy Craze

Cabbage Patch Kids Documentary Reveals the Horror of a Toy Craze The Cabbage Patch Kids Craze and How it Wrecked Childhood Playtime Forever Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids? Yeah, those weird-looking dolls that sparked a craze like no other in the '80s. These odd little dolls turned the toy world upside down and left us questioning our sanity. Well, now there's a documentary coming out and it reveals the underbelly of a toy craze. For those who didn't live through it, a little background. It all began in 1983 when these pudgy-faced dolls, with their yarn hair and bizarre adoption papers, hit the scene. People went bananas! Moms turned into frenzied shoppers, elbowing their way through toy store aisles like it was a Black Friday sale. Why? Well, marketing genius, that's why! They created a scarcity by pretending each doll was unique, and kids started thinking they'd missed out on the coolest thing ever if they didn't own one. Genius, I tell you! But that's not all. Cabbage Patch Kids had the audacity to come with adoption papers.  Because nothing says "I'm a responsible parent" like adopting a creepy, plastic-faced cabbage baby. Parents treated these things like they were real children. You'd think that'd be the peak of craziness, but nope! People started forming actual lines outside toy stores, camping out like they were waiting for the second coming of Beanie Babies. And let's not forget the prices. People were paying hundreds of dollars for a doll that looked like it was straight out of a horror movie. It's like they wanted their kids to have nightmares. [caption id="attachment_658456" align="aligncenter" width="397"] (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)[/caption] So, the Cabbage Patch Kids craze was basically a lesson in mass hysteria and marketing genius. They came, they conquered, and they left us scratching our heads, wondering how we ever got so worked up over a bunch of creepy, adopted cabbage babies. Ah, the '80s, you were a wild time indeed!  "Billion Dollar Babies" comes out November 24th, which just happens to be Black Friday.  The movie is narrated by Neal Patrick Harris.