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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Stealing Office Supplies For School? People are doing it more than ever!

9 Popular Office Supplies Stolen Each Year For Back To School Lists

Brace yourself, it’s back-to-school season, and some folks are treating the office supply room like a shopping spree.

Sneaky parents are swiping staplers, pens, and sticky notes faster than you can say “detention.”

Desperate to check off those school lists without breaking the bank, these modern-day pirates are stocking up on sticky fingers instead of sticky notes. While we can’t endorse this office heist trend, it’s hard not to smirk at the audacity.

More than half (56%) of people admit to taking supplies from work for their personal use at home, according to an OfficeMax survey of 600 working Americans.

And we’re not just talking just about dipping into the supply closet. More than four in ten (42%) confess they’ve actually taken supplies from a co-workers and never returned them. With thieving colleagues surrounding them, it’s no wonder two-third of workers say they hide their most-loved office supplies in a special drawer or other hiding place.

According to a survey by Banner Business Services in the United Kingdom, stolen office supplies cost British companies $2 billion pounds per year. That amounts to $3.045 billion USD.  Two-thirds of the respondents freely admitted to stealing from their workplace.

But Stealing Office Supplies For School?

In any given year, over 50% of American workers admit to “borrowing” – and then never returning – from the office. Note to people: this is also called stealing.

The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that employee theft in the United States amounts to $50 billion annually. That includes stealing time, money , merchandise, information and office supplies.

They also estimate that that roughly 75% of employees have stolen at least once.

“While no studies have proven it, much anecdotal evidence points to a great shift in pens, pencils, binders, folders, erasers and other office supplies from America’s workplaces to America’s classrooms as students return from summer break,” according to an article from Business Management Daily. “Also, in late November and December, some companies report a surprising disappearance of Scotch tape.”

Here are 9 Popular Office Supplies Stolen Each Year For Back To School Lists


  • 9. Highlighters

    Swiping highlighters from the office stash is the ultimate tactical move for acing that school supplies list. Who needs a flashlight for midnight reading when you’ve got a neon beacon of knowledge? Just remember, when caught, explain that you’re merely borrowing office tools to illuminate the path to academic glory.

  • 8. Staplers

    If you’re on the hunt for the perfect school supplies score, snagging a stapler from the office treasure trove might just be your ticket to glory. Dreaming of constructing a mini fortress for your action figures? Stapler to the rescue, architect! And let’s not forget the unparalleled joy of creating a “stapler orchestra” during lunch break – music to your ears, and your teacher’s annoyance.

  • 7. Notepads

    Hey, notebook nabbers! Too bad offices don’t carry Trapper Keepers.

    Swiping office notebooks for your kid’s school list? Genius move – you’re just providing an “enriched” learning experience straight from the corporate world. Who needs boring math problems when they can solve the mystery of “Who stole my stapler?” in their fresh notebook? It’s like a crash course in office politics before they even hit high school!

  • 6. Tape

    Listen up, crafty comrades! If you’re plotting to pilfer office supplies for your school supplies stash, tape should be your number one target. Need a quick fix for your “oops-I-missed-a-step” diorama? Tape is your savior. Just remember, you’re not stealing tape, you’re simply “liberating” it for a higher purpose

    Picture of Scotch Tape for School Supplies

  • 5. Scissors

    Alright, aspiring cut-and-paste artists, let’s talk about the holy grail of school supply heists: scissors. Need to trim your “masterpiece” poster down to size? Scissors got you covered. Planning an epic collage battle with your BFF? Grab those scissors and let the artistry commence. Just remember, when your teacher asks why you’re carrying around “office contraband,” confidently declare that you’re a cutting-edge thinker.


  • 4. Copier Paper

    Copier paper – the unsung hero of office thievery! Need to amp up your origami game for that history project? Copier paper’s got your back. And those “emergency” paper airplane competitions during recess? You’re in business.. So grab that ream and show those school supplies who’s boss – just keep it on the DL.

  • 3. Toilet Paper

    Think about it: it’s versatile – can double as a whiteboard eraser or an emergency mummy costume for the science fair. Plus, the puzzled expressions on your colleagues’ faces when they realize the TP vanishing act? Priceless entertainment! So, go ahead, be the TP bandit your kids never knew they needed.

  • 2. Paper Clip

    Well, well, sticky fingers, ever thought about the humble paper clip? Let’s face it, it’s the MacGyver of office swag. Need to unlock your inner detective and unravel a mess of cables? Paper clip to the rescue! And don’t even get us started on its role as an impromptu accessory upgrade – instant hairpin chic!

  • 1. Post-It Notes

    Face it. These aren’t for the kids. They’re for you. When it comes to pilfering office supplies, Post-it notes reign supreme. Why, you ask? Well, these colorful pieces of stickiness are like the Swiss Army knives of the corporate world. Need a reminder for that “super important” meeting? Boom, Post-it. Craving a makeshift bookmark for your midday escape novel? Voila, Post-it. So, go ahead, snatch a stack and let the world be your canvas… or just make your grocery list way more exciting. Just remember, with great adhesive power comes great responsibility!

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