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Overwhelmed Wife Hates Idea Of Another Baby. Should Sneaky Husband Trick Her?
(By the way, apparently this HAPPENS A LOT.)

OK this Morning Court is CRAZY. A husband wants another baby. His wife not into it at all.

Not he wants to TRICK her into it.

I’m just going to let Tyler tell his SORDID tale.

Here’s Tyler’s take:

So, I’m calling because I want another baby and my wife does not.
Here’s the deal. We’ve been married for five years. We have a 2 ½ year old.
When my wife wanted a baby I was NOT on board. But she got pregnant anyway. It was an oops and of course, I was surprised and when my son was born, I was so happy.
Then she confessed  she went off birth control without telling me. It was like “Isn’t he beautiful? Aren’t you so glad I stopped taking the pill?”

I was shocked but I was also really happy to be a dad.

Fast forward to now. I want a baby and she said no. I want a baby because I grew up with a little brother and I think siblings are important. And right now is the perfect time to recreate my family dynamic with my new family. I mean, a kid needs a sibling but also close in age so they can go to school together and have memories that are similar. It all worked out for me!
But my wife won’t budge. She said she’s tired, wants to get her body back (not happening for two years so I’m not hopeful) and she works so it’s a  lot.
I agree. But I also think I have a right to get what I want. Look what she did to get what she wanted? And I know she’ll be happy when the baby comes just like I was.
She’s not on the pill because she doesn’t like so we use other, not as effective, as the pill. So there’s wiggle room. So to speak. 

What can I do to make this happen?

You have to hear this guy and some of the BONKERS suggestions from listeners.


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