23 years, 77 days to be exact.

Baby Jane has been crowned the oldest pig by Guinness World Records.

According to upi.com, Baby Jane was only 8 weeks old when a couple from Illinois rescued her from Virginia and brought her home as a pet pig. She has now been declared the oldest pig in captivity ever by Guinness after her age was verified at 23 years, 77 days.

Baby Jane lives inside the house with her owners Patrick and Stan, their sons Justin and Marchese, AND another pot-bellied pig named Lucy. According to the couple, she is more than part of the family. Patrick stated,

“In our bed, she rests her head on our pillows and sprawls out, leaving little space for us. She’s literally a bed hog!”

In addition, stated,

“It’s awesome to tell people we have the world’s oldest pig. We’re just thankful for every day we have with her. Every day we get to have her and show her we love her and take care of her is so special to us.”

Take a look at Baby Jane HERE!

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