Dirty Laundry


Today was epic, because my favorite person, Kelly MacFarland joined us in studio. Catch her Thursday night for a fundraising comedy event at The Cabot Theater in Beverly.

The Cabot

A FUNDRAISER TO SUPPORT RIGHT TURN AN INTENSIVE OUTPATIENT CLINIC FOR SUBSTANCE ABUSE AND DUAL DIAGNOSIS LOCATED IN WATERTOWN www.right-turn.org Featuring the comedy of... Bobcat Goldthwait Robert Francis Goldthwait, better known as Bobcat Goldthwait, is an American comedian, director, actor, voice actor, and screenwriter, known ...

So! What else?

The Hot Pocket Heiress is heading to the hoosgow. I just like saying Hot Pocket Heiress. Me? I’d like to be the Entenmann’s Raspberry Danish Twist Titan.


Harvey Weinstein has hired a prison consultant. This is a decidedly rich people thing.

Harvey Weinstein hires 'prison consultant' to prepare him for jail

Harvey Weinstein hired a "prison consultant'' before his rape conviction to help prepare him for his time behind bars, his rep told The Post on Tuesday. The life-behind-bars expert is not a psychologist, but he is helping Weinstein's camp with logistics, for example, making sure he gets the proper medical care in jail, said spokesman Juda Engelmayer.

Hey, are you a Beatles fan? Have I got the job for you?

Beatles fan needed for 'once in a lifetime' job

The National Trust is looking for a guide to work at the childhood homes of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. The "once in a lifetime opportunity" has become available due to a long-serving member of staff retiring. The Beatles composed and rehearsed many of their early hits at the houses in Liverpool.