I get in the shower, wet my head and body, wash my hair, then my body and rinse. Then, I get out! That’s it! Some people do it differently! Do you use a wash cloth? You won’t believe what A LOT of people do! I’m stunned!

According to a recent Buzz Feed poll of over 50,000 people, 43 percent of people shower at night, 28 percent in the morning and 25 percent at night. Four percent shower in the afternoon.

(Photo Illustration by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

As for what they wash first, 65 percent wash their hair first, 19 percent start with their body and 13 wash their face first!

Do you use a bar of soap? Chances are the answer is “No”! Three quarters of people use body wash, 24 percent use soap and 1 percent don’t use ANYTHING!

(Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

OK! Now, the do you or don’t you question? Do you use a wash cloth in the shower? Forty-four percent of you use just your hands, while 38 percent use a loofa! Wash cloth? Just 14 percent of people use a wash cloth and 4 percent use something else. They don’t identify what that “something else” is, but if you’re one of those people, please let us know what you use!

NOW, this fact stunned me. Eighty percent of respondents say they pee in the shower. That’s four-out-of-five of you! Really? I’m not one of them. Now, I get that urine is sterile, you are washing your body and it’s convenient. But, 80 percent? Researchers say you do conserve a lot of water and therefore, money, by peeing in the shower. Maybe I’m just dumb! 




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