There has been a lot of talk since last Saturday about a ghost sighting at the Market Basket in Wilmington. I love paranormal stories, so I went ghost hunting at the store last night. I was amazed with what I found!

First of all, Market Basket has really good prices on organic fruits and vegetables. They also have a great end cap filled with Ho-Ho’s, Ring Dings and Susie Q’s. But, back to the ghost.

A woman working in the bakery department recently described seeing a ghostly figure. It was a woman 17-30 years old with long brown hair and wearing victorian era clothing.  A neighbor on nearby Clark Street, adjacent to the Main Street store, said a ghost fitting that description has been seen in her home.

I HAD to investigate!

Who you gonna call?

Loren & Wally

Hmmm!! Somebody has a seen a ghost at the Market Basket in Wilmington! I am going in to see for myself! - Hank