It was SUCH an honor to recite ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” at the Boston Pops last night with Loren. I mean, it’s Symphony Hall, Keith Lockhart, the Boston Pops Orchestra, the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, the CROWD. Did you know Symphony Hall holds about 2300 people during a Pops concert?

Loren is an old pro at this, but me? A JANGLED MESS IN NEED OF MEDICATION.

But I refused to give into my nerves, gathered all my gumption (and the skirt of my dress)  and did it! I was so glad I wore a gown because a.) my knees were knocking together AND b.) there are audience members directly below the stage. Just an FYI.

It was the best night of 2018.

Here’s a video my friend Melissa took. (I don’t think she was supposed to, but she’s never been much for rules!)