Sunday Night’s finale of Sacha Baron Cohen’s showtime series “Who is America” featured a familiar face… O.J. Simpson.

The show featured Cohen interviewing O.J. in an awkward exchange that featured the disguised comedian trying to prod Simpson into confessing to murder. While Cohen tried various ways to prod and poke Simpson into admitting that he had killed his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, he was unsuccessful. “She’s gorgeous, but sometimes I want to kill her, you know,” Baron Cohen says later. “I want to send her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon — oopsy daisy!” “Oopsy daisy,” Simpson replies, laughing along.

We find it really uncomfortable to watch. You?

Sacha Baron Cohen As Gio Monaldo | The Most AWKWARD O.J. Simpson Interview | Who Is America?

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O.J. has largely disappeared from public view over the last year after serving nine years for a 2007 kidnapping and robbery in Las Vegas.