Promposals: Now a High School Requirement

It's that time of year when high school students are getting ready to go to the prom, but first comes the promposal

A word referring to a proposal by either a male/female to a prospective date for prom. "Promposals" can be as simplistic as passing a note or as elaborate as proposing with a flash mob with 10 friends in nothing but their underwear in front of the whole school.

But, how did he ask Alana? Did he write it out in fries and ketchup?

Bojangles' of WNC/TN on Twitter

She said Yes! #promposal2018 #brysoncity #bojangleswnc

Now, if the guy was dressed as Homer Simpson, this would be a definite YES!

Jahmonte on Twitter

Promposal2018 #prom2k18

Seriously, what are these kids going to do when they get engaged to be married someday?

Jeanie Price Moore on Twitter

So, Easton did a thing. #sunsetflight #promposal2018

People continue to one up each other, each promposal more elaborate and grand than the next, it will be exciting to see more of these as #promposal2018 continues!