Ever wonder if you could break a world record in “something”?

I was part of a Guinness Book world record, when the city of Medford set the record for continuous Christmas caroling! OK, so it’s been broken since, but…..

A nine-year-old Florida boy, Seven Wade, saw the Guinness Book of World Records youtube channel and saw that Eli Bishop held the record for claps in 60 seconds. That is until Seven broke the record. It took a lot of practice, too! Seven clapped 1,080 times in 60 seconds, although the clapping isn’t what you’d call traditional. It’s more like “speed clapping”! Very impressive, none-the-less.

I used to be able to stack a dozen quarters on my elbow and then snap my arm and catch them! Not very impressive, I know! LOL

Think you could clap over a 1,000 times in a minute?

I think PJ Sittig might have a shot?


Don’t think Brian Bell has a shot, though! #slowclapper


Take a look at Seven doing it!