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It's "Potato Chip Day"! What's Your Favorite? What Was The First Flavor Ever?

There is no such thing as a bad potato chip. I love them all, even the flavors that I don't actually care for. Once you have one you can't stop. Today, we celebrate "National Potato Chip Day"!

Some little "chips" of information about those delicious, thinly sliced potatoes.

  • Have risen in popularity since 1853.
  • Takes 10,000 of potatoes to make 3,500 pounds of potato chips.
  • Average person eats six pounds of chips a year.
  • Potato chips make up 1/3 of all savory snacks
  • Salt and Vinegar was the first flavor of potato chips

I have to say that Pringles are my all time favorite. Even though the taste is a little different, they're unnaturally the same shape and come in a can, I can't resist them.  There's just something about them. I do love kettle cooked chips, especially the salt and vinegar ones.

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Do you have a favorite?

Oh! I do love Ruffles with ridges! 🙂

Celebrating the awesomeness of the potato chip!

Happy National Potato Chip Day!

Celebrate our favorite holiday by grabbing a bag of your favorite Lay's!

Bad Bunny Stan Acct on Twitter

Wow. pringles really arent even potato chips

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She's 100 years old - and credits her long life to beer and potato chips. https://t.co/3cR2hrVWYk

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