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Oh! Boston! You’re my home!

And now home to a new restaurant/bar memorializing some of the coolest movies to ever hit the big screen!

And what better day to let you know about this new entertaining eatery than John Belushi‘s birthday!!

You’re welcome! Julie Devereaux

Delta Haus Brings Bar Pizzas and Frat House Movie Nostalgia to Downtown Boston

A movie-inspired bar and restaurant arrived in Downtown Boston last week, and it's full of nostalgia for several cult classics. Delta Haus calls to mind movies like Animal House, Old School, and Revenge of the Nerds, and as might be expected, the folks behind it also operate Boston's Caddyshack-themed bar, Bushwood Cocktail Club (as well as sibling spot Finn McCool's).

Not having the best day?  Things not going great at work?  The late, great John Belushi might be able to pick you up.

Belushi would’ve turned 69 today (January 24.)  The Saturday Night Live alum left us all too soon, but he left behind a treasure trove of comedy performances, and one of the most beloved out of them all is his performance as John Blutarsky in the classic Animal House.

Bluto may have earned a 0.0 GPA at Faber College and was a “P-I-G pig!” but he knew how to lift his friends up when they were at their lowest, and frankly, we think he can do the same for you.

(WARNING:  NSFW language ahead.)


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