Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Don’t Skippy the peanut butter!

People who love peanut butter are very passionate about their type and want to add it to a lot more foods than just bread.

I prefer mine crunchy and always prefer Skippy to any other brand

My wife is fan of the Whole Foods honey roasted do it your self peanut butter

Add peanut butter in a Jiff!

My daughter’s all prefer Jiff Natural, so we always have at least three different types of PB in the house

Our dogs are not choosy and will take anything we have

I compiled a list of 13 different foods that are Better with Peanut Butter, but rest assured it could have been a lot more.

So, in no particular order here they are!

  • Toast

    I love peanut butter on toast so much that I request it if I’m having a breakfast at a diner, if they don’t have it, I will bring my own!

    burnt toast

  • Apples

    My wife loves peanut butter on her apples so much, that I really don’t think she will eat an apple without it!


    (Photo by Michael Matthey/picture alliance via Getty Images)

  • P.B. Burger

    I was in Ohio this past Labor Day and my friends took me to a burger joint that had a peanut butter burger on the menu, I tried it and loved it! Try it yourself!

    Burger King Will Now Have A Whopper Made From Cows That Fart Less

  • Asian Noodles

    I haven’t tried it yet but look forward to it. Add peanut butter to the sauce and it elevates the noodles to the next level. People swear by it.


  • Banana

    A smear of peanut on a banana is so good! I will peel the banana and dab peanut butter on each bite, it’s so good, also, I will put bananas and p.b. on my toast. Excellent!

    banana bunches

  • Saltines

    I think I grew up with a box saltine crackers in the house at all times and one of my favorite treats was a simple p.b. saltine sandwich, brings back fond memories to this day.

    Saltine crackers

  • Bacon

    Bacon and peanut butter is a match most people wouldn’t think about it until it happens and then afterwards you might start dipping your bacon right into the jar. Beware!


  • Ice Cream

    Any ice cream sundae is made better with peanut butter. Next time you get a brownie sundae add some p.b. to it and you will be forever grateful, think about all that gooey chocolate mixed with p.b. and whipped cream all together! Yummy!
    chocolate ice cream

  • S'mores

    I stumbled on this idea and have now decided that they should always be made this way. If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot this summer or fall around the firepit. You will love it.

    Grilled S'mores

  • Smoothies

    Let’s face it, smoothies can get boring real fast, so I add a spoonful of peanut butter to my fruit smoothies and they are delicious! Plus, it’s a fun sneaky way to get protein in.


  • P.B Whiskey

    Okay, I have to admit that I haven’t tried this one yet, but I will be getting a bottle of Peanut Butter Whiskey soon. I can imagine it will be a nice addition to any bar.

  • Chocolate

    Remember the silly commercials back in the day when two people would run into each other and the chocolate would end up in the peanut butter? I always wondered, “who goes around town eating pb out of the jar” but I get it, the two had to collide and we’re so happy that “accident” took place, because they belong together forever!

  • Pancakes

    If you haven’t tried putting a little pb on your pancakes, it’s about time you did, especially when you pour some genuine New England Maple syrup on it. Dang!!



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