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Annoying Things People Do At Concerts

I can’t stop thinking about Miranda Lambert calling out annoying fans at her concert.

A group of women old enough to know better took selfies during a solemn moment at her show in Las Vegas last Saturday.

Here’s the photo that started it all.

I’d be livid if I were near these yahoos. Just another one of the annoying things people do at concerts.

And the woman is NOT apologizing.

She says she was “appalled” at being called out.

Apparently, they just wanted to have a good picture, because they “had the best seats in the house.”

Weird flex, lady.

The woman’s name is Adela Calin, and she’s a 43-year-old social media influencer with more than 18,000 followers on Instagram.

Insert eyeroll here.

“It was 30 seconds at most,” she said. “We took the picture quickly and were going to sit back down . . . it felt like I was back at school with the teacher scolding me for doing something wrong.”

She was also real mad at how Miranda made it seem like she and her friends were “young, immature, and vain.”

Newsflash. You are two out of three, lady.

Officially, I am #teamMiranda. Because people are the WORST.

Why Do People Forget the Band is There?

People seem to have forgotten the whole point of being at a concert – to listen to the band. It’s like they’re attending a multitasking Olympics, but hey, we’re here to enjoy the music, right?

Being a fantastic audience member is more crucial than ever, especially in the age of cell phones and selfies. It’s time to ditch the annoying habits and embrace the concert culture with open arms, ’cause let’s face it – performers deserve better!

We need to remind ourselves to take a breath, enjoy the music, and let loose.

Remember, the band’s playing, not the audience. So let’s leave the one-person shows, blocking maneuvers, and phone marathons for another time and place.

Let’s be present, soak in the vibes, and give the band the attention they deserve.

Leave the multitasking for mundane tasks like grocery shopping – not at concerts, where the magic happens!

Top 7 Things People Do At Concerts That Make You Want To Stay At Home

  • Talking

    Picture this: the band rocks the stage with electrifying energy, and there’s that one “special” someone in the crowd who thinks it’s the perfect time to give their entire life story. Like, dude, save it for your memoirs!

  • Sign Holders

    And let’s not forget the human treehouse blockers. They hoist their signs, phones, and questionable inflatable unicorns, making sure you get to witness the entire show through their ingenious wall of distractions. Bravo!

    Annoying Things People Do at Concerts

    (Photo by Getty Images)

  • Selfie Freaks

    Then there are the “Instagram pros” – armed with smartphones with more cameras than the paparazzi. They spend the entire concert attempting to take the perfect shot for their Insta-fans, instead of living in the moment. #MissingThePoint!

    Annoying Things People Do At Concerts

  • People Who Think They Are On Dancing With The Stars

    Of course, we can’t leave out the dance floor superheroes. They showcase moves that defy the laws of physics while seemingly having no connection to the rhythm. It’s like a bizarre interpretive dance contest, but who’s keeping score?
    Annoying Things People Do At Concerts

  • Screaming Singers

    Oh, and let’s raise our glasses to the “Vocal Symphony” crowd. They sing louder than the lead singer, bless their tone-deaf hearts. A real treat for everyone around them, indeed.

  • Spilling Food and Drinks

    Drunk concert goers seem to believe that sharing food and drink is a mandatory part of their ticket price, leaving us all with unexpected, sticky surprises. It’s like a twisted game of “splash the sober one” – where the prize is a free shower of liquid courage!
    Annoying Things People Do At Concerts


  • Filming the Entire Concert

    Ah, the elusive species known as the “Cameratis Extremus” – they’re more focused on capturing the show for posterity than actually enjoying the present hilarity! You know it’s a real blockbuster when your viewing pleasure is enhanced by the ever-shaky, low-quality documentary shot by an enthusiastic but misguided Spielberg wannabe.

    Annoying Things People Do At Concerts

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