We’re New Englanders. Snowstorms and bad weather are nothing new for us. Even though we’ve had it pretty easy for a while, it doesn’t look like that’s going to continue this winter. But one thing for sure is that with the winter weather, come bad behavior. Specifically, Masshole snowstorm behavior. What’s that you ask? Read on.

What’s Masshole snowstorm behavior?

To answer that, we have to define Masshole. The word was officially added to the Oxford Dictionary in 2015, and defined as “a term of contempt for: a native or inhabitant of the state of Massachusetts.” It’s funny how the term is meant to be one of contempt, but people here actually wear it as a badge of honor. A lot of residents are proud to be Massholes. Some have even created social media accounts to show their pride. One guy named Dalton DeLima has over 80,000 followers on TikTok where he calls himself The Proper Masshole. He provides content that’s “All Things Massachusetts.”

Typical Masshole behavior

A lot of your typical Masshole behavior has to do with driving. We have a lot of road rage around here, and whenever people get in their cars, we can expect the Masshole in us to jump out. Whether it’s driving on the roads, parking a car, or even as a passenger, this local behavior can be found everywhere in the state. While it’s most exhibited on the roads, the behaviors are not limited to them. We can find MH behavior at: sporting events, concerts, in the supermarket (most likely at Market Basket), and we can’t forget about the T. MHs are everywhere!

Talk like a Masshole

Apparently there’s a certain language that comes with being a MH. Or at least some words you’re most likely to hear around here. Think “packie” for liquor store, or “wicked” to emphasize something, like “that was a wicked good movie.” And then there’s “statie,” a Massachusetts State Police officer.

Let’s take a look at some of the most egregious Masshole snowstorm behavior.

  • You shovel your snow into other people's spaces

    A person operates a snow plow on the side of the street

    Nothing pisses people off more than when they’ve shoveled out their space, and come back to a spot full of snow from someone else. When you’re shoveling off your spot, steps, driveway, etc., don’t throw your snow into other people’s freshly-shoveled areas. Or back into the newly-plowed street. Don’t be a Masshole.

  • You don't clear off your entire car

    White jeep covered in show with snow still on the windshield

    This one is a serious hot button for me. Why would you not clean off your entire car? I’ve seen people who only clean off a small hole of snow on their back windshield. Just enough for them to see through. Or even worse, you leave all the snow on your hood and it flies off on the road and onto the car behind you. You’re a Masshole.

  • You steal other people's shoveled-out spots

    Lawn chairs on the side of the road as space savers for shoveled out parking spots.

    Yes, this is a very controversial topic. If there’s an empty spot, we’re entitled to it right? Wrong! Especially since you haven’t shoveled it out yourself, AND there’s a space-saver in the spot. Again, controversial because space-savers technically aren’t allowed. Still, you’re a Masshole if you take someone’s space.

  • You're in a little car speeding on the highway

    Small car in an accident on the side of the road being helped by a tow driver

    It’s tough to understand why someone in an itty bitty car has the snowballs to drive fast and weave in and out of lanes on the highway. Aren’t you scared of getting in an accident? No, no you’re not. You’re just a Masshole.

  • You cut off the snow plows on the highway

    A line of snow plows in a snow storm

    We complain that the plows haven’t come out and done their job. We complain when they do. Do do it properly, especially on the highway, they need to get in those lines that take up several lanes. But it’s for our own good. Stop trying to cut off the line before you get hurt. Basically, stop being a Masshole.

  • You intentionally splash snow & slush on pedestrians

    Car splashing snow and slush on the side of the road

    Is there really more Masshole behavior than this? Like why would you purposely cover people who are already outside in the cold, with that gross, dirty slush on the side of the road. Just wrong.

  • You hoard "snow supplies"

    Empty supermarket shelves

    Snow supplies can be anything from eggs, bread, and milk, to washer fluid and snow scrapers. Do you really need 7 scrapers and 6 loaves of bread for a 1 day storm? And don’t get me started on batteries. Just take what you NEED, and let other people have some too.

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