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Black Friday’s Coming – The 10 Best Deals Totally Worth Buying

Black Friday is coming up later this week and thanks to our friends at Wallet Hub, we now have a list of items that are most definitely worth grabbing when you're out shopping. Before we get to that list, let's take a look at which product categories are the best to run out and grab this Friday. The top three product categories where you'll see the best savings this Friday include: 1. Consumer Packaged Goods (35%) 2. Apparel & Accessories (32%) 3. Appliances (28%) The worst three product categories where you'll see the least amount of savings include: 7. Computers & Phones (22%) 8. Consumer Electronics (21%) 9. Furniture (11%) The statistic that we found the most interesting is: “WalletHub found that around 35% of Black Friday items offer no real savings for consumers compared to their usual prices, but the items that are on sale are an average of 27% off, with the highest markdown at 91.42%,” said Cassandra Happe, WalletHub analyst. Thanks again to Wallet Hub, they offer these tips when shopping this Black Friday: Set a budget for yourself. This way you won't overspend when you see a sale that seems too good to be true. Shop early because sales typically not last all day. Do your research. This will allow you to compare prices are different retailers to make sure you're getting the best possible price. And finally, use a rewards card. This will allow you to get some sort of cash back, depending on the card. These items below are the top 10 deals you'll find this coming Black Friday according to Wallet Hub. Happy shopping!

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