With rumors floating around that Tom Brady may be coming out of retirement AGAIN, we needed a little break from Tom Brady sports news. So let’s get into his personal life.

As you know, Brady has been tied to different women over the years. He dated: former Playboy model Lyla Roberts, actress Tara Reid, actress Bridget Moynihan (who he has a son with), Pats cheerleader Meghan Vasconcellos, and then of course, Gisele.

Well, we decided that Tom may need a little help. Pebbles, Melissa, Leroy, and I have each picked three people we would love to see Tom with next.

Tom is very special to us here in New England, so we want the best for him. That said, here are our picks.


  • Ramiro's Pick #1 - "OG Insta Golf Girl" Paige Spiranac

    She’s an athlete and He’s an athlete. Her sport is golf and Tom loves to play golf. She’s beautiful and Tom’s beautiful. Not only would their children be athletically gifted, but they’d be great looking!!

  • Ramiro's #2 Pick - Rihanna

    Now let’s pretend that she’s not currently pregnant w ASAP Rocky’s second child. No, you know what? Let’s NOT pretend that! Tom has kids from a previous relationship so I’m sure he’d be fine w Rihanna’s kids. And let’s be honest, TB12>ASAP Rocky. So get together, combine The TB12 and Fenty Clothing lines and take over the Sports, Music AND Fashion world!!

  • Ramiro's #3 Pick - His wife Nicole Torres

    Ramiro's wife Nicole in a bright pink pant suit and black bustier

    She’s beautiful, intelligent, an incredible mother and an athlete. Her sport was softball where she dominated Division 3 as a catcher at Babson College. Now, I understand that she’s married. To me. But I’m willing to work out some sort of agreement where Nicole and I could share Tom so that we each get personal time w him. Because I’m a great husband dammit!!

  • Pebbles #1 Pick - Tom Brady

    I truly believe Tom needs some Tom time. I think he could use a relationship cleanse to figure things out. I do have an actual pick for him, but I’ll get to that last.

  • Pebbles #2 Pick - His Family

    Looking from the outside, it appeared that Tom picked football over his family. Even though the rumors are out there that he’s coming out of retirement, he needs to stay retired. I get it. It’s hard to stop doing the thing you love, but I think he has more to offer the world than football. Or whatever underwear he’s selling. Listen to this guy…

  • Pebbles #3 Pick - Gisele


    Besides Bridget Moynihan, who I loved Tom with, I think he met his match with Gisele. I would love to see them back together. She seems like a really special and loving person, and I hate that he messed that up. While it appears that she moved on, I hope it’s not over. BUT, he needs to prove himself if he really wants her back and that’s going to take A LOT. He’ll need to show her, without harassing her, that he’s changed and wants to make things work. I don’t think we’ve seen the end of their story. He still has her pictures up on his Instagram. AND she still has his up too. You never know!

  • Melissa's #1 Pick - Khloe Kardashian

    Hear me out. I know this isn’t the popular pick BUT…she’s been very unlucky in love and I think she deserves a nice man who is just as disciplined as she is. She’s an entrepreneur, a fitness buff, clean eating and disciplined woman. They deserve each other.

  • Melissa's #2 Pick - Danica Patrick

    She’s the female GOAT of her sport of race car driving. She’s dated professional football players so she knows what she’d getting into. She does commentary for Fox Sports which is Tom Brady’s future employer.

  • Melissa's #3 Pick - Bella Hadid

    Bella Hadid wearing black waving to the camera

    She’s a supermodel who we already know Tom loves. She used to date The Weeknd, who is another GOAT in his field. I have a feeling Tom’s next girlfriend will be significantly younger than him. He’s 45. Bella is 26.

  • Leroy's #1 Pick - Yung Miami


    If he messes up, it’s ok. She wants to be single anyway.

  • Leroy's #2 Pick - Nia Long

    Nia has been through a lot, and deserves a good man.

  • Leroy's #3 Pick - Salma Hayek

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