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That ’90s Show is premiering on Netflix in January, and the official trailer for the That ’70s Show sequel series features the Point Place, Wis. kids all grown up.

In the trailer below, we see Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna (Laura Prepon), and Fez (Wilmer Valderrama) is now the owner of a chic hair salon. Kelso (Ashton Kutcher) and Jackie (Mila Kunis) are back, and so is Leo (Tommy Chong.) That ’90s Show centers around Leia, the daughter of Eric and Donna. Leia is spending the summer with her grandparents, Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp), at Eric’s childhood home. Leia makes friends with a new batch of teens in Point Place making the Forman home hangout central once again much to Kitty’s delight and Red’s dismay. One of those new teens is Jay, the son of Kelso and Jackie.


As previously reported, Danny Masterson, who played Steven Hyde on That ’70s Show, will not return to That ’90s Show. Masterson was on trial for multiple accusations of sexual assault. His case was declared a mistrial in November. Masterson denied all allegations.

That ’90s Show premieres on Netflix on January 19.

10 Classic TV Shows That Were Spin-Offs

Frasier is one of the most iconic spin-offs of all time, and now, it’s coming back.

As we've reported, the revival series will see Kelsey Grammer reprise the role of Frasier Crane. Not much is known about the premise of the series, except that it’ll chronicle Frasier moving to another city to start the next chapter of his life.

This news got us thinking about other popular spin-offs in television history, and there are far more than you think. In fact, we bet you forgot that some of these shows were actually spin-offs.

Scroll below to see ten iconic TV shows that happen to be spin-offs.

  • 'Frasier'

    Frasier had a tough act to follow being a spin-off of Cheers, but it lasted 11 seasons and won a staggering 37 Emmys overall.

  • 'Happy Days'

    It’s easy to forget, but Happy Days was a spin-off of Love American Style and was on the air for 11 seasons.

  • 'Laverne & Shirley'

    A spin-off of a spin-off! Laverne & Shirley lasted eight seasons and gave the world one of the best theme songs ever!

  • 'Mork and Mindy'

    Happy Days was so influential it had two successful spin-offs. Mork and Mindy lasted four seasons and helped launch Robin Williams’ career.

  • 'Benson'

    The Soap spin-off lasted seven seasons and netted lead actor Robert Guillaume an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series.

  • 'A Different World'

    This classic sitcom spun-off from The Cosby Show, and the first season followed Denise Huxtable (Lisa Bonet) as she entered college. Bonet would leave the series after the first season, but A Different World would last for five more seasons. Plus, their primary theme song was sung by Aretha Franklin. How awesome is that?!

  • 'Maude'

    And then there’s Maude! The late, great Bea Arthur stared in this All In The Family spin-off that lasted six seasons.

  • 'The Jeffersons'

    The Jeffersons were the second spin-off from All In The Family and stayed on the air for 11 seasons. Oh…and it easily had one of the best ensemble casts and theme songs EVER!


  • 'Good Times'

    Yet another spin-off of a spin-off! Good Times spun-off from Maude, lasted six seasons AND gave the world Jimmie Walker. (Side note: Apparently, it was a rule for all shows created by Norman Lear to have amazing theme songs.)

  • 'The Simpsons'

    No spin-off list is complete without The Simpsons. This iconic animated series started off on The Tracey Ullman Show and went to become the longest running American sitcom.


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