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Home Alone 2 turns 30 this year, which begs the question: how much would Kevin McCallister spend in NYC in 2022?


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, a holiday favorite, hit theaters on November 20, 1992. You remember the premise: the McCallister family are set for another family Christmas trip, this time to Florida. Kevin objects, but ends up making his way to the airport with his family after all…only to follow the wrong person onto the wrong plane and end up in New York City!


How does this keep happening to poor, sweet, innocent Kevin? (He said aloud, sarcastically.)


While Kevin is without his family in New York City, he does have his dad’s credit card. He uses it to book a room at the Plaza Hotel–complete with room service, of course. And he also treats himself to a Christmas Eve shopping spree at Duncan’s Toyshop. Kevin racks up quite the bill, naturally. But 30 years ago is a long time ago. What do those 1992 dollars look like in 2022?


How Much Would Kevin McCallister Spend in NYC Today?

Enter our friends at NewYorkBets.com, who’ve crunched the numbers for us. Here’s what they say:

Whilst lost in New York alone, Kevin stays in the Grand Plaza suite. Using the Carnegie Suite as a price guide, this room on the 23rd of December 2022 would cost a massive $3,480… but we imagine it might be a little harder for a nine-year-old now to check in by himself.


But what about the room service bill? $967.43 becomes $2062.92. And that 3-scoop “Kevin Sundae?” That’s now 16 scoops and will run you $96 instead of $18. And his toystore bill more than doubles, from $23.75 to $51.37.


Summing it all up, Kevin’s Christmas trip to NYC would cost $5,917.20 in 2022. Just imagine what that reaction from Kevin’s dad leading up to the end scene would look like now!