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Last week, we celebrated Allston Christmas. And as soon as we had the halls decked, people started getting Storrowed in Boston.


I’m assuming we’re all on the same page with regards to the concept of Storrowing. But just in case we’re not, here’s the “Storrowed” entry from Urban Dictionary:

“putting a 12’6” truck under a 10’6” bridge. Common in Boston MA. Storrowing Season is usually during late August and Early Sept when College kids that cannot read attempt to navigate their way through the Corn maze roadways of Bahstahn. ( Boston) The rest of the year ” Storrowing” occurs by Canadian Commercial Drivers. Je me souviens. DOH!!!”


Bonus points to whoever added the definition entry to Urban Dictionary. They not only got their digs in on the clueless out-of-town college transplants, but managed to dis Canadian drivers as well. Speaking as a person with Canadian heritage (Prince Edward Island, represent), I do not find this offensive. It’s actually pretty funny. The college kids driving their moving trucks into certain doom on Storrow Drive is something we’re all aware of. But out-of-town commercial drivers, especially ones hailing from north of the border, are a class of offender I hadn’t given much thought to. Kudos, Urban Dictionary updater.


Storrowed in Boston

As you would expect, the late-August/early-September tradition continues over Labor Day weekend. And just as I did last year, I’ve scoured Twitter for the best and brightest examples of Storrowing available. Consider it a public service: it’s not just a collection of unfortunately hilarious traffic mishaps. It’s a reminder of what awaits you if you IGNORE THE DOZENS OF SIGNS SCATTERED ON AND AROUND STORROW DRIVE TELLING YOU NOT TO DRIVE YOUR DAMN MOVING TRUCK ONTO STORROW DRIVE. There has to be a better way to do this, people. MassDOT, DCR: help us out, please.

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