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You don’t have to go to the Cape for your shark fix. Watch this Massachusetts kid catch a great white off the Florida coast.


12-year-old Campbell Keenan from Southampton, MA was in Florida with family for a fishing trip. About a mile off the coast of Ft. Lauderdale, the sixth-grader got his hook in something. And it was something big. Now, usually in that part of the Atlantic, if you’re deep sea fishing, you’re catching kingfish or tuna or snapper or grouper. But I’m guessing those particular fish were steering clear of the boat that day.


That’s because Campbell had hooked a great white shark.


CBS News has the story. And here’s how it played out, according to young Campbell and his boatmates:

“It was like pushing a cement block with your fist. When it got to ten feet of the boat and we saw the belly, the captain was like, ‘that right there is a great white shark!'” Campbell said.


His mom, Colleen, had this to say:

“We’re pulling the coat off of him and you just see the sweat pouring down him. He turns his hat backward and we’re pouring Gatorade down his throat. His legs were shaking. I was scared that he was going to be pulled off the boat because it was so much pressure.”


Watch a Massachusetts Kid Catch a Great White Shark

Campbell put in the work and it paid off. After about 45 minutes of fighting, he had reeled the shark in. How big was it? About nine feet long, estimated to have weighed about 400 pounds. The great white shark was tagged and set free. The young fisherman named it “Jan Jan,” after his sister’s hockey coach who was also on board for the trip. Talk about a fish tale. Take a look at the video below.

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