How is that possible?

It’s the final season. We’ve waited for all 7! Why are some mad after Sunday’s epic battle between good and evil? It was too dark. Not in the sense of violence, blood and gore….too dark…as in not enough light. 

The shows producers create this show as a movie. Heck, it’s almost as long and core Thrones fans are watching on smart TV’s.

Here’s what we did: turn off the all the lights in the room and make it like a movie theater. That will help. I wouldn’t reset your brightness settings, or change it to vivid. If you’re watching on a newer TV, put your picture setting to cinema.  

Let’s connect after Sunday and see how we do.

No One Knows What Happened on Game of Thrones Because the Episode Was Too Freakin' Dark

Here's a question for you: What the hell happened during Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones ? I'm only asking because even though I sat through all 82 minutes of "The Long Night," I'm still not totally clear on who died and who lived through the Battle of Winterfell because of how freakin' dark the episode was .