Dirty Laundry

A Quiet Place, directed by and starring Newton’s own John Krasinski, is getting great reviews, BUT if you like to snack at the movie theater this is NOT the movie for you because it’s QUIET!

This stresses even me out and I absolutely despise any mouth noises!

Could you do it? Go to the movies and NOT eat popcorn? Or Goobers?

Looks good, but I think I’ll wait to watch from the comfort of my couch where I can snack comfortably!

Jamie Martel is the WROR Marketing Director. Married to a man we all know and love as Dirt (don’t ask) and owns two little kids who are awesome most of the time. Last movie I saw in the theater was “A Wrinkle In Time.” …all the movies I see in the theater are the eat and talk as loud as you would like type i.e. the under 12 crowd movies.