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Dogs May Be The Key To Beating The Holiday Blues! - Hank

The holidays can be a stressful time. There's the money factor for gifts, lots to do, not enough time, family stress, etc.

A new survey from BarkBox, says your dog might be the key to getting you through the "holiday blues".

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Here are some tips:

Spend more time with your dog: 85 percent of those surveyed say just being with their dogs help them deal with overall stress.

Take a walk: 40 percent of respondents take their dog on a walk to get away from family gatherings and stressful situations.

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Focus on special things for your dog: 58 percent of dog owners prepare a special meal for their dog;  57 percent hang a Christmas stocking for Fido and 56 percent include them in their holiday photos.

Buy them a gift: 80 percent of respondents bought their dog some sort of present. Also, 81 percent say they'd love to receive a gift that is really meant for their dog.

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