Get ready for the return of Elsa, Anna and Olaf! -LBF

Loren & Wally

Here's your #DirtyLaundry Report! Kelly Clarkson had a fantastic response to a fat shamer on Twitter. Alison Sweeney got a restraining against an online harasser. Did you know Madonna and Tupac...

Fat Shaming is not OK. I adore you Kelly Clarkson– you are BLANKING awesome! NSFW

A man has been stalking Alison Sweeney for years with 15 social media accounts!

According to a prison letter, Madonna and Tupac dated, but broke up over race because he thought it was not good for his image.

Look how young they were…

Busy Philipps‘ 4 year old daughter Cricket almost went over the edge of an infinity pool. Infinity pools NOT as awesome as I thought they were :/

Another reason to hate Gwyneth Paltrow, she doubled her money selling her penthouse. Why is she so lucky?

According to Kristoff, Frozen 2 is coming in 2019. We are never going to be able to “Let It Go” so get ready to watch it over and over and over…

OMG, Jonathan Groff Gave Us A Small Update On What's Going On With "Frozen 2"

So in case you didn't know, the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, Frozen, is getting a highly anticipated sequel! I think I just got an email yesterday where I'm about to go into the recording studio in a couple of weeks, or maybe a month? ...

Cars 3 was great. It’s the movie Cars 2 should have been. -Lungboy

Baby Driver– very good action adventure. -Hank