When I think of the MOST MISERABLE American cities, Massachusetts DOES NOT come to mind. Sure, every city has it’s low and high points. There is cost of living, school systems, crime rates, utility costs, commute times, parking costs, road conditions and other factors that can make a city better, or worse.

My friend in LA says traffic is SO BAD it takes TWO HOURS to drive two miles. In Chicago, there is no Spring or Fall. It goes from frigid to HUMID in a matter of weeks. At least it did when I lived there. Here in Boston, our road systems are so weird, our GPS can point you into the Charles River.  I can’t remember one bad thing about Philly. Worcester gets a pass, because I grew up there. Plus, everyone knows Worcester gets better and better each year. Go WOOSOX! 

So HOW can Massachusetts get caught up in this survey of  The MOST MISERABLE American Cities? Don’t blame the tornado in Plymouth County!

Which City Is It?

According to the travel site TravelAlot.com, they have found ONE city in our beloved state that they found miserable. 

“The travel site has sifted through data from sites like the U.S. Census Bureau and AreaVibes to determine which city in all 50 U.S. states is the most miserable.”

TravelAlot.com has mastered the survey business when it comes to themes.

Do you want to know: the angriest state, rudest city, the most banned foods, ugliest city, cities with the worst weather, worst cities abroad to be jailed, overrated vacation, and dozens more, you can find it on TravelAlot.com.

The List

Life is hard enough. So, I won’t depress you visiting all 50 miserable cities across America. I WILL share the top SEVEN. I am happy to report that the choice for MOST MISERABLE city in Massachusetts is NOT in the top ten. We have hope after all!

  • 7-Woonsocket, Rhode Island


    Image by Getty Images

    Say it isn’t so! It’s right next door to the iconic Rustic Drive In! Well the crime rate is 55% higher than average.

  • 6-Wilmington, Delaware


    Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

    Come on Joe, can you help? (He lives there when not in his white house.) This city makes the list because of it’s violent crime rate. Ouch! The violent crime rate is 306% higher than our national average.


  • 5-Rapid City, South Dakota


    Images by Getty Images

    This city boasts the most drug arrests per capita. If there is any consolation,  Sioux Falls it is the happiest city in the state according to Travelalot.com.

  • 4-Grand Forks, North Dakota


    Image by Getty Iamges

    What’s with you Dakotas? But this place may come off the list soon. Low unemployment, and high income growth rate will help! Come on Grand Forks, get off this list! Maybe this guy is the local banker of Grand Forks only bank.


  • 3-Anchorage, Alaska


    Image by Getty Images

    This perfect mountain backdrop may not be enough to get Anchorage off the list. 1 in 17 will be a victim of a crime. The crime rate is 142% above the national average. What’s weird is that median income is $82,300, with a low poverty level.  What puts Anchorage in the list is it’s extremely HIGH weekly work hours, the highest in the country.


  • 2-Burlington, Vermont


    Image by Getty Images

    Well, my friends that live there are not miserable. But the income is lower, cost of living is HIGH, as is teen and adult drug use.

  • 1-Casper, Wyoming


    Image by Getty Images

    Wait, didn’t the Brady Bunch and Modern Family teach us that Wyoming is the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of life! But it’s not all rich and prairie pretty.

    Casper has the highest suicide rate in the country, and lowest income growth. Plus the state itself has the third-highest work hours per week. 

    But if there’s any consolation, Cheyenne is considered the happiest city in the state. I may think twice about the dude-ranch bucket list.

  • What Massachusetts City Makes The List?


    Image by Getty Images

    Springfield, made the list. Happily, it’s not in the top 10. It came in at 34. In fact, New Hampshire and Maine are ranked much higher, at #8 and #9. But Springfield is overshadowed by neighbor Boston, which boasts a much lower crime rate. Springfield’s violent crime rate keeps it on the list. The violent crime rate 160% higher than the national average.

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