IS Massachusetts the BEST state for families? Growing up in nearby Worcester, with Boston, Fenway and Gillette as the backdrop, I never had the the need to leave.

Growing Up In Massachusetts

We all must agree that living in Massachusetts gives you a lot to offer. Sure we can complain about the higher costs, and we all do. But we do have some of the best schools, medicine, medical care, hospitals, dining and entertainment. Within an hour drive we have the best beaches when it’s sunny, and the best skiing when it snows.

Thanks to broadcasting, I DID leave in 1987 to take a radio job in Philly. But of course, I came back in 2001, and never left. I cannot see living anywhere else, but Massachusetts. Now that it really doesn’t snow that much, I may even take Florida off the table.

Number One For Medicine

When Beatle icon Ringo Starr‘s daughter needed brain cancer surgery, he brought her to Boston, ALL THE WAY from England. Jimmy Buffett’s doctor, was also here. A well known doctor friend of mine told me personally that Boston is NUMBER ONE when it comes to medical research, More than any other city in the WORLD, Boston gets the MOST money each year for medical research.

 The BEST State For Families?

Our friends at Wallethub is out with an in depth report sharing the best states to raise a family:

To help people find cities with the perfect combination of those factors, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 50 key indicators of family-friendliness. Our data set ranges from the median annual family income to housing affordability to the unemployment rate.

Our thanks to Wallethub for their tireless work and research to give us the BEST tools to live the best life we can!

So, what state is NUMBER ONE for raising a family? Let’s see the TOP FIVE!

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    Source: WalletHub
  • 5-New York

    (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

    I can hear Alicia Keys singing now! When it comes to raising your kids, having a New York state of mind isn’t a bad thing. While the city isn’t affordable, New York state comes in #7 for affordability, top 20 for safety and education. To live there costs more because it’s the Northeast. But you can get paid more as well. Plus it gets a whopping #3 for fun. There is a LOT to do in the state, with tremendous history in New York City, the sports teams and more. The kids love it, and you don’t need a plane.

  • 4-Nebraska

    Image by Getty Images

    More affordable Nebraska comes in #4 overall. But, boasts a proud #5 for education and health care. Strong.

  • 3-Minnesota

    Image by Getty Images

    According to the Wallethub, Minnesota is a great place to raise a family, if you’re ok with the cold weather:

    Minnesota is the third-best state to raise a family, at least if you’re not averse to its harsh winters. Minnesota is a great place to find a job to support your family, as it has one of the highest median family incomes after adjusting for the cost of living and one of the lowest unemployment rates. In addition to good pay and job stability, residents also receive reliable long-term benefits, as Minnesota ranks at the top for employer-based retirement plan access and participation.

    Another great thing about raising a family in the Land of 10,000 Lakes is what it can do for your children’s health. The state has the third-highest life expectancy at birth and some of the best public hospitals in the country. It also encourages children to stay fit amid the obesity epidemic, as it has one of the largest shares of children who live in neighborhoods with a park or playground.

  • 2-North Dakota

    Image by Getty Images

    This state offers more than just a wild view of a bison. It offers exceptional education and child care, but more affordable. Wallethub reports:

    North Dakota claims second place among the best states for families, offering significant savings with the lowest average annual rent for a two-bedroom apartment relative to income. It also has the third-most affordable housing overall. And if you want to make sure your family stays together, North Dakota seems to be a good place for it – it has one of the lowest separation and divorce rates in the country.

    North Dakota is known for its beautiful scenery and national parks, and it’s always good to share scenes like that with friends. There are plenty of opportunities to do that, given that the Roughrider State has one of the highest shares of families with children under age 18. In addition, North Dakota ranks first when it comes to the prevalence of childcare workers, and it has one of the lowest annual costs for childcare as well.

  • 1-Massachusetts


    (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

    Massachusetts checks off some important boxes, like being NUMBER ONE for education and child care. A year doesn’t go by where a friend calls and says, “hey my kid is checking out schools there, want to meet for lunch in August? It happens every year. We simply have amazing schools.  We are also NUMBER 5 for health and safety. Wallethub says:

    Massachusetts is the best state to raise a family, in large part because it provides a good blend of economic opportunities and safe conditions for children. The Bay State has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country and lots of job opportunities relative to the labor force, which ensures that parents will be able to provide for their children. It’s not the cheapest state, as housing and childcare costs are relatively high compared to most of the nation, but residents make up for this with fairly high incomes.

    When it comes to education, Massachusetts isn’t just famous for universities like Harvard and MIT – it also has a reputation for good school systems for children, and it ranks first in that category. In addition, the state is a good place for safeguarding children’s health, offering the best water quality in the country, the highest rate of insured children, and one of the lowest infant mortality rates.

    Photo: Massachusetts Institute of Technology  in Cambridge Massachusetts

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