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While there still are some things we all can agree on, there are things Boomers still love that Gen Z and Millennials don’t.

For example we can all agree that if our team isn’t at the Big Game, we’ll watch for the commercials. We know you still call it the S word. We can’t because the NFL won’t let us, even though they are ok with us mentioning, The NFL. Add to that we all agree that we’ll cook up something fun and special for the S….ah…The Big Game.

What about staying up late to watch the Grammys? Or do you find the highlights of the performances on your phone the next morning?

Speaking of TV, do we watch a show on it’s scheduled time anymore, or watch at our convenience? You know the answer to that.

But when it comes to finance optimism, opinions vary vastly between the generations.

What Is The Most Financially Confident Generation?

According to Wallethub:

Gen Z is the least financially confident generation, as more than 1 in 4 Gen Zers say they are not confident in their financial knowledge and skills. Gen Z seems averse to risk.

57% of Gen Zers think savings accounts are the best way to invest their money, while 46% of Baby Boomers say investing in stocks is a better option. But, the Boomers are feeling inflation more.
48% of Baby Boomers say inflation is holding them back more than their income, debt, and housing costs, compared to only 39% of Gen Zers.
Some young people lack budgets. Almost 30% of Gen Zers don’t have a budget for managing their monthly expenses.

7 Things Boomers Still Love

To lighten this up a bit, we found a funny survey from Yahoo Finance comparing the 7 things Boomers still love that Gen Z and Millennials don’t. Let’s see if you agree.

As a refresher:

Baby Boomer Age Range:

Born between 1946-1964

Gen X Age Range 


Millennial Age Range:

Born between 1981-1996

Gen Z Age Range

Born between 1997 and 2012

Ok Boomers, the spotlight is on YOU!

  • Cable TV

    (Photo by HBO/Getty Images)

    It’s not just the Boomers that can’t cut the cord. I have friends much younger than me that can’t get around accepting that Hulu can get local TV. But I will say I can’t see my Mom navigating the big streaming services, yet. But she IS active on social media. Time will tell.


  • Landlines


    (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

    Yes, my Mom still has a landline. At least she THINK she does. It’s a bundled package from her internet provider, giving her a phone that rings, connected to cable. I have not had a land line since 1999.

  • Print Media

    Image By Getty Images

    Occasionally, I still love the feeling of holding a hard cover book in my hand, reading it at a Barnes and Noble, (when I can find one) drinking a Starbucks. I really haven’t held a magazine in years. My Mom still get’s the Worcester Telegram and Gazette.

  • Greeting Cards

    Image by Getty Images

    That one I still believe in. There is nothing better than receiving a hand written “thank you” card in the mail. I think we need to bring them back. More thanks needed. We should give more too.

  • Specialty Home Appliances

    Image by Getty Images

    My Mom still has every gadget for cooking and baking. I still believe Mom’s coffee comes from a percolator. Not even drip, never mind using Keurig. Her coffee still tastes the best.

    No joke, this past Sunday I told my wife we were out off coffee, totally forgetting that I have a brand new whole bean bag of Starbucks that I got for Christmas. I have a beautiful high end grinder-coffee maker for special occasions. Yet, I forgot to use it. Day to day, we use the Keurig, and were out of stupid pods. DUH

  • Larger Vehicles


    Image by Getty Images

    Do SUV’s count? Back in 2002, when my Dad was alive, he had a giant 4 door Lincoln something, sedan. It was like driving a recliner and rode like Aladdin’s carpet. It felt like I was driving a tank, and felt totally safe. It got 5 miles per gallon.

  • In-Store Shopping

    Image by Getty Images

    For groceries, I have not made the jump to PeaPod. But when I worked in Chicago back in 2001, I did use it. I lived in a big city in a high rise where there was no Stop & Shop near by. If I was gonna to pay robbery prices at a high-end downtown Chicago market, I would try PeaPod. But even during these post Covid times, I’m am not ready for a competent, well meaning stranger to choose my fruit and meat. But in a restaurant, I will.

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