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This Crowd Pleasing Thanksgiving Appetizer Will Make Your Holiday Guests Swoon

Best Thanksgiving Appetizer Ever! If Thanksgiving were a taste, it would undoubtedly be the harmonious symphony of stuffing and bacon dipped in gravy. It  is a showstopper and people will love you forever. Best Thanksgiving Appetizer Ever? Picture this: a crispy bacon exterior embracing a heavenly stuffing interior, all smothered in a river of rich, savory gravy. It's not just an appetizer; it's a flavor explosion that deserves its own parade. Let's talk about the contenders that don't quite make the cut. Squash, parsnips, and turnips—oh my! They're like the distant relatives who show up uninvited to the Thanksgiving feast. Sure, they try to be interesting, but let's be honest, they're the awkward third wheel of side dishes. Squash? More like squishy disappointment. Parsnips? Pass-nips. Turnips? Turn-up your expectations elsewhere. And then there are the deviled eggs. While they might be a picnic favorite, they're the wallflowers of Thanksgiving. Who invited these bland, mayo-filled orbs to the flavor party? They're about as exciting as watching paint dry on your grandma's living room wall. Now, back to the star of the show—stuffing and bacon dipped in gravy. It's the rebel of the Thanksgiving spread, breaking all the rules with its irresistible combination. The stuffing adds a comforting, carb-loaded hug, while the bacon brings the crispy rebellion. And let's not forget the gravy—it's the smooth operator, tying everything together in a velvety embrace. This dynamic trio is not just an appetizer; it's a prelude to a Thanksgiving feast that's anything but ordinary. The conversation around the table won't be about  questionable squash casserole or  turnip surprise. It'll be all about that stuffing and bacon duo, stealing the spotlight and leaving taste buds begging for an encore. In a world of lackluster sides, be the Thanksgiving hero who brings the appetizer that steals the show. Stuffing and bacon dipped in gravy—it's not just a dish; it's a culinary masterpiece that deserves a seat at the head of the Thanksgiving table. Pro tip. Make sure the bacon and stuffing are cold when you wrap them. Otherwise, they are hard to handle. Also, cut the bacon in half, otherwise it's too long.

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