Junk Food Roundup

Beware: This Ice Cream Sold In Massachusetts Stores May Make You Sick

Listeria ice cream? No thanks! There is a recall for several varieties of contaminated ice cream, specifically pre-packaged soft-serve ice cream. The desserts were sold in 19 states and the District of Columbia, including Massachusetts. The reason for the recall? They may be contaminated with listeria, the Food and Drug Administration said. Listeria ice cream is NOT a good flavor. Two illnesses, both requiring hospitalization, were reported in New York and Pennsylvania. Those people ate Soft Serve On The Go Cups, the FDA said. What is Listeria? Listeria is a sneaky bacteria that can wreak havoc in your stomach. Picture this: Listeria is like the uninvited party crasher of the food world. It's found in soil, water, and even hangs out with animals. What a social butterfly! But here's the kicker: it loves to photobomb your raw goodies, like veggies, meats, and unpasteurized dairy. Now, if Listeria were a superhero, its superpower would be making you feel like a total mess. We're talking fever, muscle aches, tummy tornadoes (a.k.a. nausea and diarrhea). Not a fun party, huh? But wait, there's more! This bacteria is especially mean to the VIPs of our guest list: pregnant women, newborns, grandpas and grandmas, and those with a not-so-awesome immune system. In serious cases, Listeria can throw a wild party in your body, leading to infections that are scarier than a haunted house. So, how can you stop this uninvited guest from crashing your fiesta? Cook your food like a boss, wash your veggies, and steer clear of anything unpasteurized. Keep your hands and kitchen surfaces squeaky clean, just like your dance moves after practicing the Listeria shuffle. If you suspect a showdown with this party pooper, seek medical help. What kind of ice cream? The ice cream and sorbet, sold at convenience stores, comes in 8-ounce, cone-shaped clear plastic cups with a spoon attached to the cover. The FDA website has the full list HERE.