The Time My Prank on Mom Backfired Live on the Air

Happy Mothers Day to all the WROR moms out there. This clip still makes me cringe, but now that my mom’s no longer with us, I love hearing her voice. My mother was a wonderful woman. A hard-working single mom with a spoiled brat son, she kept a smile on 24/7 no matter how much she struggled. How did I reward her as an adult?  I would put her on the radio and she had absolutely no idea. It was a running joke on my morning show when I lived in California. Since online streaming wasn’t much of a thing yet, my mother had no idea when we’d call her that she was live on the air. On this particular day, it all backfired and I got what I deserved.  We somehow landed on the topic “Do you know where you were conceived?” I thought it would be hilarious to call my mother and ask, knowing there’s NO WAY she’d talk about it.  The comedy was SUPPOSED to be me making her uncomfortable by pestering her with questions. The joke was on me.

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