There are great restaraunts, and then there are restaraunts that are so great that you’d plan a vacation so you can experience them.Open Table recently highlighted the best destination restaurants nationwide, and a New England establishment made the list.

“The menus, experiences, and photo-ops at these awe-inspiring places draw visitors from around the globe,” the article explains. A common theme to the thirteen locations selected is the outdoor ambiance that comes with the experience. Some of the restaurants offer outdoor seating, while others are stationed in scenic areas.

So, where in New England do you need to go to visit a top destination restaurant?

Newport, RI

The White Horse Tavern has a history that dates back to 1673. It’s “America’s Oldest Tavern,” as stated on their website (and they say it’s the 10th oldest in the world). It has a warm, colonial feel. It was the meeting place for the General Assembly in the late 1600s. Moreover, in the 1700s, councilors frequently dined at the White Horse as a business lunch. Finally, in 1972 the tavern was recognized as a national historic landmark.

Most recently, in 2014, the White Horse Tavern was acquired by a Newport restaurant group to keep the great food and tradition alive. Thus, it has remained one of the top destination restaurants in New England.

The Menu

“Today, it showcases the region’s artisan meats and produces in staples such as the duck Scotch egg, a soft-boiled egg wrapped in duck sausage and panko bread crumbs, and the beef Wellington with foie gras mousse, puff pastry, whipped potatoes, greens, and glazed carrots,” Open Table details in their feature.

The White Horse Tavern offers a fresh raw bar with individual or sampler selections. The entrée options always include a catch of the day. A la carte sides are prepared to accompany almost any choice on the menu. Furthermore, much of their ingredients are locally sourced from New England providers.

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