BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 28: The Boston Public Garden bridge before Winter Storm Kenan on January 28, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Happy first day of spring! To celebrate, we will start it off with a high of 51 degrees here in Boston. We can have an extra skip in our step knowing we just conquered the meteorological winter. According to a report by WBUR, this was the 5th warmest winter on record. Snowfall in Boston registered a low 11.5 inches, which was the area’s seventh least snowy winter.

While New England ski mountain destinations may not be in favor of this pattern, the warmer weather did allow for people to spend more time comfortably outside. The St. Patrick’s Day parade in South Boston was considered “Back To Normal” with crowds 8-10 rows deep in certain spots, WCVB explained. Approximately one million people were expected.

Of the 89 days of winter, there were just 47 registered nights that were below freezing. However, there was the artic blast we endured in the first weekend of February – where Boston hit a low of -10Β° F.

Overall, climate change can result in this becoming more of a common winter reality. One where average temperatures are consistent on the higher end, with the occasional extreme surge scenarios.

Though the infamous Punxsutawney Phil groundhog did see his shadow on February 2nd, Massachusetts groundhog Ms. G made it clear that there was no shadow to be seen in Massachusetts.

It is forecasted that we will see five days in a row in the 50s. Thursday is supposed to hit a high of sixty degrees. This proves two things – spring is officially here, and Ms. G is a very trustworthy groundhog.