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Nicolas Cage attends "Butcher's Crossing" pre-premiere party hosted by Diageo World Class Canada and Audi Canada at Lapinou during the Toronto International Film on September 09, 2022 in Toronto, Ontario. (Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images for Diageo World Class Canada and Audi Canada)

Nicolas Cage has revealed that as a child he was convinced he was an alien. Cage, 58, admitted that he was “shocked” to find out that he had “normal organs and a normal skeleton.”

Speaking to Rampstyle magazine, he opened up about his childhood, saying he had trouble relating to people as he was socially awkward. “My father told me he felt like he had to introduce himself to me because I was such an alien,” he admitted. But his difficulties in relating to others led him to pursue acting. “I had difficulties connecting with other people. When I saw David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth, I realized I needed to do something, so I became an actor,” Cage said. The 1976 Nicolas Roeg film stars Bowie as Thomas Jerome Newton, an alien who has come to Earth in search of water to save his home planet. Aided by a lawyer, Thomas uses his knowledge of advanced technology to create profitable inventions in this cult sci-fi classic.

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Cage has made plenty of headlines over the years due to a number of urban legends supposedly involving him including a two-headed snake, gambling for orphans, nude cave exploration and mime stalkers. Back in April, he opened up about these rumors on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, after 14 years of not appearing on a talk show. He confirmed that he did indeed win cash gambling $200, winning $20,000 in a matter of 30 minutes and gave it to an orphanage in the Bahamas while there 20 years ago. The National Treasure star also confirmed that he used to have a two-headed snake at one point in his life that lived to be 14 years old. “I was dreaming about two-headed eagles. And one night I had this dream and then the next day, my manager at the time got a phone call saying, ‘Oh, I’ve got a two-headed snake that I found in North Ridge and I think your client Nick Cage would be interested.'”

Later in the interview, the eccentric actor also admitted to being stalked by a mime, which he called “so weird. That is one of those things that made me ask the proverbial question: ‘Why?! Why are you there?” He clarified that there were two mimes acting out and wearing white face makeup.


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