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Jimmy Fallon made his film debut in 2000’s Almost Famous. With the stage musical adaptation now on Broadway, the Tonight Show host will be reprising the role of hotshot manager Dennis Hope.

Almost Famous writer/director Cameron Crowe, who also wrote the book and co-wrote the lyrics of the musical, appeared on The Tonight Show and pitched the idea of having Fallon come in as a special guest. He said, “My dream has always been for you to come and be the link between the two casts — the cast of the musical, who also became a really tight family, and the movie.”

Crowe added, “Knowing you might step in, I rewrote the scene for advanced Jimmy Fever. I really wanted to get a scene worthy of you and the beard. So, I wrote a new version of the scene for you, which turned out to be so great that that’s what’s in the play and Jakeim [Hart, who plays Hope in the musical] does that new version. It’s got new jokes that I bring to you. The cast is a little bit like a band. Come and jam with us.”

Fallon, of course, was thrilled with the idea and agreed. How many dates he’ll perform is unknown, but if this means we get to see Fallon recreate his hilarious monologue, then it’ll be a can’t-miss opportunity.


Additionally, the cast of Almost Famous performed “Tiny Dancer” as the musical guest on The Tonight Show. Their performance can be viewed below. Complete details about the production, including ticket info can be found at AlmostFamousTheMusical.com.


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