So, this is what happened:

I was watching Ina Garten wax poetic about this sourdough bread she loves on her show “Barefoot Contessa” Saturday morning. She was going ON AND ON about how this is the best bread in the world and she has it Fed-Exed to her house in the Hamptons.

I mean, who does that? What is it with this bread? It must be the stuff of gods! And all of a sudden – like the pregnant wife who lives next to the witch in “Rapunzel”, I was like: I HAVE TO HAVE THIS BREAD!

So I googled it.

Accueil - Poilâne

Créée en 1932 par Pierre Poilâne, cette célèbre boulangerie parisienne a traversé les époques en préservant ce qu'il y a de meilleur. 3 générations, Pierre, Lionel, Apollonia se succèdent avec la même exigence, offrir des pains authentiques autour de la céréale et de la fermentation, privilégiant la qualité à la quantité.

Well, the dough thickens: It’s only sold in four places in the US.

But wait! I googled some more and I came upon an article written by a guy in Rhode Island who loves this bread, too! The writer was EFFUSIVE about this bread. It was as if he were under a spell.

But wait. It gets better. He found the local shop that sells it.


Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge, to be exact.

And that, my friends, is when my sanity ended and my (very expensive) adventure began.

I called the store, asked them to hold about two pounds of the bread and hit the road. We drove about 17 miles to Huron Ave. where I dropped $22 on sourdough I could have easily gotten for $5 at Wegman’s down the street.

And then, because you can’t live on bread alone, I bought a bottle of rose’, two types of cheeses and some chocolate-covered almonds because, you know, Easter.

For another $60.

Then, because adventures in bread hunting make you weary, we got… hungry.

But instead of eating all the bread and cheese and wine we had RIGHT IN OUR CAR, we decided to….go to a restaurant in Cambridge! Because, well, we’re NEVER in Cambridge!

Our stomachs (because we’d already lost our minds) led us to Naco Taco in Central Square, where we proceeded to spend about $50 on tacos and chips and salsa and a fried chicken sandwich for Lucy.

So, basically, it was a $132 loaf of bread.

This never happens when I pick up Wonder at the 7/11.

I was broke, bloated and bonkers.

As for the bread? It was OK, but the adventure was worth the price – because we found a cool taco joint, a great little shop and I saw the house where Julia Child lived!

Photographic evidence below: