LBF learned everything she knows about football from the movies and will NOT be watching Sunday…

Let’s help her pick which movie she should watch while the rest of us are watching the Big Game!

WINNER: Remember the Titans 47%
Rudy 41%
The Replacements 12%

POLL / FINAL ROUND: Make sure to vote daily, as we will whittle them down to just one and announce the winning movie Friday morning! * Not seeing the poll? Hit “Log out” and/or clear your browser history and try again 🙂


  • Brian’s Song vs Remember The Titans 
  • Rudy vs. The Longest Yard 
  • Wildcats vs. The Replacements 


  • Brian’s Song vs. Any Given Sunday
  • All The Right Moves vs. Remember the Titans
  • Everybody’s All American vs. Rudy
  • The Longest Yard vs. The Blindside
  • Lucas vs. Wildcats
  • The Replacements vs. The Game Plan


  • Heaven Can Wait vs. Brian’s Song
  • Any Given Sunday vs. Invincible
  • Varsity Blues vs. All the Right Moves
  • Remember the Titans vs. Friday Night Lights
  • Everybody’s All American vs. Knute Rockne, All American
  • Rudy vs. We Are Marshall 
  • The Longest Yard vs North Dallas Forty 
  • Jerry McGuire vs. The Blindside
  • Lucas vs. School Ties
  • Wildcats vs. Quarterback Princess 
  • The Replacements vs. The Waterboy
  • Leatherheads vs. The Game Plan

YouTube playlist of all LBF’s Football Picks: