Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Boston Celtics Radio Broadcasts on 105.7 WROR

Calendar of Boston Celtics games that will air on 105.7 WROR:

  • January 10th- Celtics @ Miami- 6:30pm pregame
  • January 12th- Celtics @ Orlando- 6:30 pm pregame
  • January 14th- Celtics @ Brooklyn- 7pm pregame
  • January 16th- Celtics/Toronto- 7:30pm pregame
  • January 19th- Celtics @ Atlanta- 7pm pregame
  • February 3rd- Celtics/Oklahoma City- 1:30pm pregame (ONLY IF PATS ARE IN SUPER BOWL)
  • February 5th- Celtics @ Cleveland- 6:30pm pregame
  • February 12th- Celtics @ Philly- 7:30pm pregame (Sports Hub-Join in progress)
  • February 26th- Celtics @ Toronto- 7:30pm pregame (Sports Hub-Join in progress)
  • March 9th- Celtics @ LA Lakers- 8pm pregame (Sports Hub-Join in progress)
  • March 14th- Celtics/Sacramento- 7pm pregame
  • March 23rd- Celtics @ Charlotte- 5:30pm pregame (Sports Hub-Join in progress)