Promposal PRESSURE! We helped orchestrate one today! - LBF

When it comes to promposals, we tip our hats to Emma West and her boyfriend, Jack, who HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.


Here's the story we talked about today:

Loren and Wally on Twitter

Live @1057WROR #Promposal #Prom w/ @LBFalcone @HankMorse @Lungboy #WROR #Periscope

Some are big, like Jack and Emma's. Some are small. Most involve magic markers, poster board and a theme. Many of them are posted on Instagram. Canton High School has its own promposal Instagram page.

And speaking of Canton, we helped CHS senior Jake Connolly prompose to his girlfriend, Amanda, this morning. ON THE RADIO! LIVE!

Loren and Wally on Twitter

Live @1057WROR #Promposal #Prom w/ @LBFalcone @HankMorse @Lungboy #WROR #Periscope

She said YES!

And them we dedicated the song "Amanda" by Boston to them, BECAUSE WE ARE PROFESSIONALS.

It all went well!

This is Jake after the big ASK!


Of course, it doesn't always go so great. Like this story:

The video shows Kiah arriving at a parking lot in Blue Springs, Missouri, USA, where Richard is shown lying on the floor with blood coming out of his mouth. In a seemingly unresponsive state, she clutches the head of her boyfriend of six months, hysterically crying and calling out his name. After several moments, the 18-year-old Richard mutters: ‘I’ve been dying to ask you to prom’, causing Kiah to scream ‘you’re so annoying’, before accepting his invitation through a flurry of tears.

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