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appears at "The Ellen Degeneres Show" Season 13 Bi-Coastal Premiere at Rockefeller Center on September 8, 2015 in New York City.

If you don’t find Ellen DeGeneres funny, we can’t be friends. To celebrate her 60th birthday, we have put together a compilation of her awesomeness!

She is  fun to work with:

Ellen's Backstage Scares

She rented the scariest thing she could find to spook her staff and some of her audience members. It certainly did the trick.

She is the BEST at scaring people (always funny):

Ellen's Never-Ending Scares

Ellen has always loved giving her guests a good thrill, and she put together this montage of some of her favorite scares from over the years!


 Her game show (if you haven’t watched it you’re missing out):

She loves to dance: 

Last Dance with Chris Evans and Elizabeth Olsen

The actors showed off their super dance skills in Ellen's fun new game! Find out more about Shutterfly here:

So Happy 60th Birthday Ellen! You keep being you and we will keep watching.

PJ The Eternal Intern. The girl who is no longer getting coffee for Loren & Wally, but calling you to let you know your tickets and prizes are in!