The Great Shopping Cart Debate! Do You Return It Or Not? - Hank

Ok, be honest. Do you always return the shopping cart to the store or the corral? Do you take the empty cart from checkout if you don't need it anymore?

Oh, boy! What a debate we had today. I will put the cart in the parking lot corral if it's nearby. If not, I put it away from cars near a curb or island. I don't leave it in the middle of a spot or next to other cars. If I only have one or two bags of groceries after paying and I don't need the cart, I don't think it's my job to take the cart and put it by the store entrance. My co-workers disagreed with me! LOL!

We had some fun with it on the air this morning! Listen and watch, below!

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What Returning Your Shopping Cart Says About Your Personality - Crystal Wind™

Shopping carts are like tumble weeds-the more that collect in one spot, the more likely you're going to get blasted with one when the wind blows. Or, at least, that's how I look at them...Huddled in the corner of a parking lot, just waiting for the right gust of wind or slight change in temperature to come blasting towards your car door.

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