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"Now some folks say it's too big/And uses too much gas/Some folks say it's too old/And that it goes too fast/But my love is bigger than a Honda/It's bigger than a Subaru."

Bruce Springsteen sings a country hit? Weird Al and Weezer doing Toto‘s Africa?

It takes pure bravery to cover a song from another artist, especially a well known song, from an iconic artist.

Here’s a list of some of my favorite cover songs that I found. This version of Rhinestone Cowboy from the Boss should get Bruce into the Country Music Association. 

Wait until you see who covered Hungry Like A Wolf!



  • Weezer does Toto's Africa

    Featuring Weird Al, this is a GREAT version, from Weezer.


  • Dolly Pardon-I Will Always Love You

    Whitney Houston‘s cover of Dolly Parton‘s I Will Always Love You became a worldwide smash. Here is the original from Dolly.

  • Muse-Hungry Live A Wolf

    Duran Duran would be proud! Wow! See you in Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame!

  • No Doubt-It's My Life

    My apologies to the band Talk Talk. I like Gwen Stefanie‘s version better of No Doubt‘s It’s My Life.

  • Soft Cell-Tainted Love-Where Did Our Love Go

    This is a blend of two songs, an original from Soft Cell called Tainted Love, to which they mixed in Where Did Our Love Go, from the Supremes. 

  • Faith No More-Easy

    This is a fun surprise from 80s’s electric rock band Faith No More covering The Commodores song Easy. Lionel Ritchie must like it. He wrote it and had to approve their cover.