Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

A nice surprise!

As we go through life, the nice little things that happen can brighten our day in ways we did not expect. Let’s face it, life is tough these days with the high cost of everything, foreign and domestic issues that you wish you could drown out etc. So we present the 11 most delightful unexpected moments of life.

The funny thing is, besides finding money, they are mostly little things that make us smile. Making people smile is not that hard to do and it goes a long way to make someone’s day a lot brighter.

It really is the little things

Let’s face it, it be too far fetched for some huge moment to occur in your daily life. Sure, we play Mega Millions and Powerball with the hopes of getting fabulously wealthy for only a two dollar ticket, but wouldn’t winning a hundred bucks feel good too?

Doesn’t it feel great if a stranger pays you a compliment? Most of us a very reluctant to do just that.  It’s kind of sad that today we are afraid to talk to strangers, let alone tell them that they’re having a great hair day. I personally would love to hear that!

Music to our ears!

We love that people find joy in what we do at WROR. It seems as if hearing your favorite songs is always a major source of happiness.  What is it about the pleasure of hearing your jams that instantly perks your ears and puts a smile on your face?  You don’t get the same satisfaction when you pull up the song on your phone. That’s we still love radio!

A new poll found listening to THIS RADIO STATION could be one of the highlights of your day. Maybe your whole week!

Here are the top 11 Most Delightful Unexpected Moments

Someone had thousands of people rank the top “unexpected moments of delight” that can happen on any given day. So, something you never saw coming that instantly puts you in a better mood.

The average person has two of those moments a week. And hearing your FAVORITE SONG ON THE RADIO made the top five . . .

  • 11. A familiar smell from your childhood.

    woman smells flower

    (iStock/Studio Grand Ouest)

    Your favorite child smells can be anything from mom’s fresh cut flowers to her fresh baked chocolate cookies. Whatever smell brings back fond memories is a good one.

  • 10. When you're trying to make a point and someone finally gets it.

    happy co workers

    When you are trying to get your point across to someone who is having a difficult time understanding you. That moment when the light finally goes on is a nice moment.

  • 9. Your partner randomly showing you affection

    hugging happy couple

    There’s nothing sweeter than an expected hug or kiss or even a wink from your partner. We need more of these!

  • 8. Hearing your baby's first word.

    mother and baby

    You’ve been waiting for this moment since they were born. To finally hear their first word is so joyful especially if it’s mama or dada.

  • 7. Hitting every green light.

    young woman driving shocked

    You know the feeling of hitting every red light so this is the exact opposite emotion. Pure unexpected joy!

  • 6. Getting a bonus at work.

    money bag

    Imagine the utter disappointment that Chevy Chase feels in Christmas Vacation when his creep of a boss gives him Jelly of the Month club instead of cash. Things got crazy after that. Thank God for Uncle Eddie!

  • 5. Hearing your favorite song on the radio

    car radio

    This makes us radio folks very happy and that is why radio is still a great source of unexpected pleasure. We will keep them coming!

  • 4. Someone lets you jump in front of them in line.

    grocery store checkout

    Especially if you’re in a hurry to go or the person in front of you has a very full cart. Always a small nice reminder in humanity.

  • 3. A random compliment from a stranger.

    happy older woman

    We are so afraid to pay strangers or even friends a compliment but it is always welcome. Try it sometime and see the smile they return you. As long as it’s not creepy.

  • 2. Getting a surprise refund.

    tax refund

    Who doesn’t love a refund? Whether it’s from the IRS or you overpaid for something, we all love getting money back!

  • 1. Finding money in a pocket.

    boy with money

    Believe it or not finding money in your pocket or your couch brings instant joy because it is totally unexpected. That is a moment we could all use more of so, check those coats!

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